Episode 10:

The 5 C's Of Effective Parent Communication 

Episode 10: The 5 C's Of Effective Parent Communication


Plug & Play PD

6 Ways to Build Effective Relationships With Difficult Parents (Includes the 5 C's)


I have created a free “Plug & Play PD” for you. This is a 45 minute webinar complete with guided notes. You can use it at a staff meeting or to just coach up a teacher that needs to grow in the area of teacher communication.  Thanks! 

This Plug & Play PD is for you to use with your staff for free. I would love to hear from you if you use it with your team. Please email me at [email protected] and let me know if it was helpful. Thanks!

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The 5 C's:

#1 is Competence, (Your teachers can demonstrate competence by doing a great job, keeping parents informed, giving plenty of notice and being organized)

#2 is Confidence (Your teachers can earn the confidence of your parents by acting like a professional, being self-assured, friendly and assertive and by maintaining professional distance)

#3 is Care (Your parents will know that their child’s teacher cares for them when they notice the little things, show respect and have a predictable mood)

#4 is Consistency (Parents need regular feedback. If the teacher does not proactively create a narrative about themselves, the parents will create the narrative)

#5 is Collaboration (Teachers need to acknowledge the parent’s expertise on their knowledge of their own child and ask questions about that knowledge)


Call to Action:

Use the Plug & Play PD with your teachers. It is a 45 minute webinar with everything that I taught back in episode 2 AND the 5 C’s that you learned about in today's episode. You can use the free webinar at a faculty meeting or maybe just with an individual teacher that you are trying to coach up in the area of parent communication. It comes with a pdf of guided notes and discussion questions. All of that is free for you because I want to help you help your teachers have better relationships with your parents.

CLICK HERE for the video!

CLICK HERE for Guided Notes and Discussion Questions!


If you implement any of these strategies at your school, I would love to hear from you! Send me a quick note at [email protected] and tell me about it. I can answer your questions and I’m also good at giving pep talks when you get stuck!


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