Episode 12: The 7 Best Strategies For Overcoming Decision Fatigue Strategies 

The 7 Best Strategies For Overcoming Decision Fatigue Leader 


Big Takeaways


  • The human capacity to make decisions is FINITE.
  • As you approach capacity, your ability to make good decisions falters. 
  • Understanding what causes decision fatigue helps you manage your decision load


  • There are strategies that can help you overcome decision fatigue 


  • 1 Acknowledge it (It is a real thing, lots of research)
  • 2 Plan your day (as much as possible, mornings are for decisions and afternoons are for gathering information to make decisions)
  • 3 Have an index card on the corner of your desk (Go to Episode 7 of The Private School Leader Podcast, go to the 6:15 mark and listen for 10 minutes)
  • 4 Proactively reduce the number of decisions that you make (Create a routine that limits the time that you spend on making decision about what to wear to school or what to eat for dinner)
  • 5 Clarity is your friend (A clear mission statement, clear policies and clear goals can guide you to make better decisions)
  • 6 Give yourself fuel (Before a meeting, eat a snack and talk a quick walk around the school)
  • 7 Schools are not emergency rooms (Everything feels urgent, but most things are actually important and can wait until the next morning)


Call to Action

  • I want you to start a habit outside of school where you are reducing the number of decisions that you make in the morning. Planning outfits. Planning lunches. Packing it the night before. 
  • One thing that you can do on the weekend or in the evening, to reduce your number of morning decisions.


If you implement any of these strategies at your school, I would love to hear from you! Send me a quick note at [email protected] and tell me about it. I can answer your questions and I’m also good at giving pep talks when you get stuck!

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