Episode 19: Do You Treat Your Car Better Than You Treat Yourself?

Big Takeaways


4 Ways That You Can Treat Yourself Better Than You Treat Your Car


1 Fill the Tank

  • Don’t skip lunch
  • Make a list of three things that energize you at work, schedule 30 minutes into your day
  • Make a list of three things that energize you outside of work, schedule 30 minutes into your day
  • Work towards a mini-Sabbatical on the weekend, 24 consecutive hours not working on school. Start small, track it and increase it


2 Check The Oil

  • These are things that we are going to do on a regular basis as preventative maintenance, like changing the oil, good tires, etc.
  • Get a little more Sleep
  • Move a little more
  • Eat a little healthier
  • Relieve a little stress

3 Pass The Annual Inspection

  • Get an annual physical and blood work
  • Depending on your age and gender: OBGYN, mammogram, prostate exam

4 Heed the Check Engine Light

  • When you feel depleted, exhausted, disinterested, disproportionate reactions, difficulty concentrating, emotional numbness
  • Talk to a mental health professional
  • Check engine light (pro)

Call to Action

  • Listen to Episode 8: How To Overcome Burnout With Boundaries 


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