Episode 9: 8 Retention Strategies That Actually Work

Episode 9 Show Notes


Episode 009: 8 Retention Strategies That Actually Work


1 Be Proactive (Make retention a priority and create a retention plan)

2 Ask, ask then study the data (Create a parent satisfaction survey and then dive into the data).

3 Identify “Decision Years” (Identify your decision years, usually transitions from one division to another, and take action to communicate with your families early and often)

4 Treat every family like a new family (Make sure that you never take your current families for granted).

5 Create a “culture of anticipation” and paint a “climactic scene” (Make sure that your students always know what’s next at that they are excited about it. Use the power of storytelling by painting a “climactic scene” of a student as a finished product


6 Surprise and Delight (Look for ways to unexpectedly make your parents happy by sharing “rock star moments”)

7 Say Goodbye (If they are harming your school, you need to let a parent or teacher walk away)



8 Retention is everyone’s responsibility (Make sure that your teachers know the role that they play in achieving high student retention numbers)


Call to Action:

Identify your “decision years”, usually transitions from one division to another, and make a list of 5 things that you are going to do to make that transition easier.


If you implement any of these strategies at your school, I would love to hear from you! Send me a quick note at [email protected] and tell me about it. I can answer your questions and I’m also good at giving pep talks when you get stuck!


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