Episode 24: The 8 Ways To Avoid Toxic Positivity By Displaying Hopeful Optimism

I have a rule for myself when I engage with social media. Never read the comments!

I usually follow this rule, but every once in a while I get sucked down that rabbit hole of negativity. It seems like everyone on social media is angry about something. The local and national news seems to focus only on bad news and the worst of humanity and it is easy to view life through a very negative lens. As a private school leader, somehow you must rise above the negativity and sprinkle your students and staff with hopeful optimism. While you are doing that, you also have to be SUPER careful to not let yourself drift into the danger zone of toxic positivity.

How are you supposed to walk this tightrope of encouraging your staff without having them think that you are completely out of touch with reality? Well on today’s episode of The Private School Leader Podcast we are going to discuss The 8 Ways to Avoid Toxic Positivity By Displaying Hopeful Optimism:

  1. Accurately assess the current situation
  2. Acknowledge the current situation
  3. Paint the picture of a different future
  4. "We are going to get through this"
  5. Set the example
  6. Perform a "belief transplant"
  7. Validate your teacher’s feelings
  8. Get to work

I am confident that these 8 strategies will help you be a more enthusiastic and optimistic leader, while maintaining credibility with your staff.

I know how busy you are. That's why I created a podcast that you can listen to while driving to school, working out or running errands. Think of this podcast as your weekly dose of inspiration, motivation and PD, all while doing something else! I hope that you will listen. More importantly, I hope that what you hear helps you thrive at your school.

Thanks for making a difference!

Mark Minkus

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