Episode 15: The 8 Ways To feel Less Overwhelmed At School

Show Notes: Episode 15


By definition being emotionally overwhelmed means to be completely submerged by your thoughts and emotions about all of life’s current problems, to the point where you lack productivity and feel frozen or paralyzed. (TALKSPACE Blog)


The 8 Ways To Feel Less Overwhelmed At School

  • 1 Ride the wave of emotion (Don’t get submerged, acknowledge your feelings, but don’t let them turn into habitual ruminations)
  • 2 Revisit your “compelling why?” (Go back to Episode 1, start listening at 6:34, get clear on your STRONG WHY)
  • 3 More dopamine, less cortisol (You are going to make a list of the three things that bring you joy at school and schedule 30 minutes a day of those things. Also, less cortisol means to identify why you are stressed to deactivate “fight or flight”
  • 4 Do a brain dump (Open loops and loose ends stress us out. Once a day, do a brain dump of everything in your head and then turn in into a task list later)
  • 5 Focus only on the next thing (We often get overwhelmed because of the size of the task or the sheer number of tasks. Identify the next thing and do just the next thing)
  • 6 Build capacity then delegate (Identify someone that might be able to do one of your tasks and ask them for help.)
  • 7 Fill your tank daily (Identify 3 things that fill your tank outside of school)
  • 8 Talk to someone (Use you association NAIS, ACSI, Prizmah, NCEA and connect with a leader at another school outside your region)


Call to Action

  • Make a list of the three things that bring you joy at school and schedule 30 minutes a day of those things.


  • CLICK HERE for the TalkSpace Blog Article
  • CLICK HERE to listen to Episode 1: "3 Ways Thrive At One Of The Most Difficult Jobs On Earth". (Start listening at 6:34 to revisit how to come up with your "compelling why")
  • CLICK HERE for Simon Sinek's TEDx Talk "How Great Leaders Inspire Action"


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