Episode 17: 9 Ways To Avoid The "False Productivity Trap"

Episode 17 Show Notes


What is the False Productivity Trap?

Feeling like you are busy, but your actions are not accomplishing your goals.


Why are we addicted to False Productivity? (Blog post from flipplingheck.com)

Completion Bias (dopamine)

Random Rewards (something good in email, keep checking)

Rule of Reciprocation (someone did something nice, must reciprocate)

Shame Attached To The Hustle Culture (American culture, LAZY if not SUPER BUSY)


9 Ways to avoid the False Productivity Trap

1 Turn off social media notifications

2 Turn off email notifications

3 Schedule time to check email

4 Not the quantity of hours, the quality of hours

5 Abandon the concept of multi-tasking

6 Get really clear on two goals.

7 Assess the meetings on your calendar

8 2 questions on Friday afternoon

9 Listen to Episode 7: The Top 4 Productivity Hacks For Busy Private School Leaders

Call to Action

  • Two things that go together
  • TURN OFF email notifications on your smartphone and smartwatch 
  • Schedule two times a day when you will check your email.

CLICK HERE for the flippingHECK Blog Post


CLICK HERE for Episode 7 "The Top 4 Productivity Hacks For Busy Private School Leaders"

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