Episode 37: This ONE THING Will Make You A Happier And Better Compensated Leader

Episode 37 Show Notes


Big Takeaways:

  • Create an Annual Portfolio to make yourself a happier and better compensated leader.
  • Start a Googledoc with three sections: "Positive Comments", "Accomplishments" and "Professional Development"
  • Paste positive comments into the Googledoc when you get an email, a text, a card or even when someone gives you a verbal compliment.
  • Add to the "Accomplishments" section every time you accomplish something of average or above average significance at work.
  • Add to the "Professional Development" section every time you do something to grow yourself professionally.
  • In May, review and edit your Googledoc.
  • Add a cover page and present it to your boss in digital form or printed out in a binder.
  • Present your Annual Portfolio to your boss three days before your annual review. If you do not have an annual review, present it to your boss one week after the last day of school.
  • When you are feeling discouraged or feeling like an imposter, read every word of your Annual Portfolio.


Call to Action:

  • Start a Googledoc, type “Positive Comments” at the top, skip a few lines and type “Accomplishments”
  • Put it in your calendar, one week after last day of school “Turn in Portfolio”


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