Episode 42: Extreme Ownership (Leadership Lessons From A Navy SEAL)

Episode 42 Show Notes


9 Ways to practice Extreme Ownership at your school


1 Lead by example

  • Taking ownership of your actions and decisions sets a strong example for the entire school community
  • encouraging accountability and responsibility among staff, students, and parents.
  • If you point fingers and care more about blame, your team will do the same


2 Control your ego

  • Ghandi said: “When the ego dies, the soul awakes”
  • We all have an ego, the question is how big is it and how good am I at controlling it.
  • Ego is diminished when you don’t care who gets the credit 


3 See mistakes as learning opportunities

  • Leaders who practice extreme ownership see failures as learning opportunities rather than setbacks. 
  • They seek to understand what went wrong and make adjustments for improvement.
  • Growth Mindset


4 Build trust and credibility

  • When leaders own up to their actions, they build trust with their team, students, and parents. 
  • Trust is crucial for effective leadership and collaboration.
  • When your team members are worried that you are going to throw them under the bus, they will work less hard and take less risks.
  • Be predictable 


5 Apologize:

  • When you mess up, own it, apologize sincerely and say that you will work hard to not do that again.
  • Recently, I made a decision and then informed my IS teachers. Normally, I would discuss it at a meeting, get their feedback and then make a decision. I didn’t do that. 
  • I reflected and realized that I was pretty sure that they weren’t going to like it, so I just did it. I acknowledged how this made them feel, apologized, I should have looked at our track record together, will work hard to collaborate


6  Create a culture of ownership

  • By demonstrating accountability, private school leaders inspire others to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities, 
  • This creates a more cohesive and empowered school community.


7 Encourage open communication

  • When leaders take ownership of their mistakes, it becomes easier for others to admit their errors and share feedback. 
  • This open communication helps identify issues early and find effective solutions.
  • Your teachers are more willing to speak up. NO ONE WILL SPEAK UP IF THEY ARE GOING TO GET BLAMED.
  • If all of the ideas come from you, YOU ARE THE LID.


8 Adapt and innovate

  • Extreme ownership pushes leaders to be proactive and adaptive. 
  • They find creative ways to address challenges and continuously improve their school's performance.
  • Extreme Ownership = Proactive, Blame Game = Reactive


9 Stay focused on the mission

  • Extreme ownership keeps leaders focused on the ultimate goals of your school.
  • Focused on your vision and mission. 
  • Focus increases stamina and resilience
  • When everyone’s head is on a swivel, wondering where the next burst from the blamethrower is coming from, they ARE NOT focused on what’s important

Big Takeaways:


What is Extreme Ownership

  • The idea of taking complete responsibility for one's actions and decisions, without blaming others or making excuses.


9 Ways to practice Extreme Ownership at your school


  • Lead by example
  • Control your ego
  • See mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Apologize
  • Create a culture of ownership
  • Encourage open communication
  • Adapt and innovate
  • Stay focused on the mission


Call to Action


  • The next time you want to make an excuse or point the finger at someone else, practice Extreme Ownership


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