Episode 43: The Unexpected Power Of A Handwritten Note

Episode 43 Show Notes


The Psychology behind the power of a handwritten note (mirage.com blog)


The Time Investment

  • The act of taking the time to write a note, in one's own handwriting, symbolizes the care and attention the sender has for the receiver, making the message more impactful.
  • Michal, mosaic, asked for a photo, special spot 25th anniversary, FRAME (would have been nice), MOSAIC (prized possessions)
  • Sends the message, “You were worth taking the time to do this”

The Tangibility and Permanence of Handwritten Notes

  • Unlike digital notes that can easily get lost in the sea of electronic files and folders, handwritten notes have a physical presence. 
  • They can be touched, held, and kept, allowing the recipient to revisit the emotions and memories associated with the note. 
  • Thanksgiving Thank You cards and other notes, next to desks years later
  • This tangibility and permanence add another layer to the allure of handwritten notes.


The Unique, Personal Touch

  • Handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint, reflecting the individual personality of the writer. 
  • Our world is becoming less personal every day. Call and you want to talk to a human…. Wal-mart self checkout 5 stars, Automation, 
  • When we receive a handwritten note, we're not only reading the message but also experiencing a part of the sender's persona. 
  • This personal touch, filled with unique handwriting styles and quirks, can elicit a more emotional response, making the message more memorable.


The Slow Nature of Handwriting

  • In an era where speed is celebrated, handwriting forces us to slow down and focus on the present. (Pushing send too quickly)
  • The slow nature of handwriting allows for more thoughtful and intentional communication. 
  • It gives us the time to carefully consider our words, fostering a deeper understanding and better articulation of our thoughts.


The Emotional Weight of Handwritten Notes

  • There's an undeniable emotional weight to handwritten notes. 
  • Whether it's a birthday card, a thank you note, or a letter of condolence, handwritten messages carry a sense of sincerity and effort that digital messages often lack. 


The Message It Sends

  • Teachers and staff want assurance that their leaders care about them. 
  • They want to know that you appreciate them for what they do and who they are. 
  • Further, your teachers want to see that their leaders are sympathetic to their circumstances.


Other benefits:

  • Strengthening employee morale
  • Increased motivation because hard work is noticed and acknowledged
  • heightening productivity
  • improved connection
  • Better relationships
  • helping to retain team members who will feel more appreciated—all of which can lead to reduced recruiting and training costs.


Your employees will want to be led by you


  • Studies found that leaders who express appreciation are more influential, respected, and happier. 

In a Glassdoor survey, 81% of employees said they would work harder for a grateful boss.


How do I do this?


Mindset shift

Plan Ahead

Pace yourself


What do I write?

    • Be sincere
    • Speak from your heart, drawing on your empathy and compassion
    • and do so concisely
    • Live the quote (Forget what you said, did, How you made them feel)




  • How will this make them feel? Intentional encouragement


Just start


Call to Action


  • Write three handwritten notes in the next week.


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