Episode 47: How I Led My School While Dealing With Grief

Episode 47 Show Notes


I am not an expert on grief.

I am not a therapist.

Everyone experiences grief and loss differently

I am NOT going to tell you how YOU should lead your school while dealing with loss.

I am going to share my experience.

From May 2017 to September 2021, three sisters died, my father in law and my father died.

I hope that sharing my story will help you if you need to still show up every day and lead at school while dealing with grief and loss.


1 Take the time that you need

  • We rarely take time off
  • Badge of honor


  • I figured out that the bereavement days were not just for the funeral
  • To be sad and to be with family and to be away from work


  • Being away from work is hard. “Everything will fall apart”
  • Some of that might be true, but some of it is pride and some of it is a lack of confidence in our team


  • Bereavement time is a benefit that you have earned.
  • Take the time that you need

2 Be a human being with your team

  • Just be real
  • At first, “everything is fine”. I’m fine. I’m a robot. They need to see how tough I am. They need to see how strong I am.
  • It is OK to be sad at work
  • I decided to be a human being with my team
  • My teachers, my boss, the other members of the leadership team were EXTREMELY kind and gracious
  • People want to be led by a human being. Never felt 


3 Talk to someone

  • Employee Assistance Program EAP
  • Virginia
  • Best thing I could do for myself, my family, my teachers
  • Not a display of weakness
  • They are professionals CAR MECHANIC, HVAC TECHNICIAN. You are more important

4 Schedule what makes you happy

  • More time with the kids
  • Recess, Lunch
  • Schedule it, good intentions I NEED TO GET CAUGHT UP
  • When I came back in February 2019. The 8th graders, breakfast, roses, brick paver with Marcia’s name on it.
  • People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou
  • What makes you happy outside of school? Walk, read a book, spend time outside YOU NEED IT MORE


5 Expect the unexpected triggers

  • Father in law, late June
  • Labor day weekend, college football
  • Song, holiday event at school, anything
  • Just let it in, sit with it, feel it
  • Be sad


6 Lean on your faith and family

  • I am a person of faith and so I really leaned on God during those times
  • You might not be a person of faith, you might not believe in God
  • Lean on your friends and family
  • Say “yes” when they offer a meal
  • Accept the love that they want to give


CLICK HERE for article on coping with grief from National Institutes of Health


CLICK HERE for "7 Steps For Managing Grief And Loss" from the Mayo Clinic


CLICK HERE for "Grief: Coping with the loss of your loved one" by the American Psychological Association


Call to Action


  • Life is hard. We have VERY demanding jobs. RELENTLESS
  • If you need to take a day off to be sad. Take a day off to be sad.


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