Episode 50: How To Reverse Engineer Your Portrait Of A Graduate

Episode 50 Show Notes


Define Portrait of a graduate


  • Portrait of a graduate 
  • Profile of a graduate 
  • Ideal graduate outcomes


A Portrait of a Graduate represents a school district's vision for the 21st century skills, character traits, and/or social-emotional competencies that students need to succeed in college, career, and life.


Help you get clear on the portrait of a graduate at your school


  • Review school’s mission and vision
  • Gather input from all stakeholders: students, leaders, parents, grads
  • Identify essential skills and character traits (These might include critical thinking, communication)
  • Include social emotional readiness: emotional intelligence, leadership, and ethical behavior.)
  • Overprepare them for what’s next

Help you reverse engineer that destination


  • Be intentional
  • Communicate Expectations: Share the graduate outcomes portrait with all stakeholders to foster a shared understanding and commitment to achieving these goals.
  • Monitor and Evaluate Progress: Regularly assess students' progress toward these outcomes through assessments, surveys, and observations. Adjust your curriculum and programs as needed.
  • Support It: Provide resources, extracurricular activities, and support services that help students develop the skills and values outlined in the portrait.
  • Review and Adapt: Periodically review and update the graduate outcomes portrait to ensure it remains relevant to evolving educational needs and societal demands.


Call to Action


  • In the next week spend 30 minutes writing down the essential skills and characteristics of your ideal graduate


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