Episode 59: The 4 Biggest Lies That Most Private School Leaders Believe

Episode 59 Show Notes


The 4 Biggest Lies That Most Private School Leaders Believe

  • I’ll be fine.
  • My family will be fine.
  • I can outwork any problem.
  • I guess this is just how it is.

LIE # 1: I’ll be fine.


Lack of perspective

  • Focused on the present
  • Not focused on the long term impact of the stress of the job
  • Physical health, mental health


Invincibility Mindset

  • Forgetting that you are a human being and not a robot
  • You can handle ANYTHING that the job throws at you
  • Leads to shutting down and shutting out emotionally



  • A leader who constantly reassures themselves that "I'll be fine" might isolate themselves from seeking support or input from others. 
  • This isolation can lead to a lack of perspective and potential blind spots in decision-making.



  • Saying "I'll be fine" can reflect overconfidence, which can be detrimental to leadership.
  • Overly self-assured leaders may not seek advice, explore different perspectives, or engage in self-reflection, potentially leading to poor decision-making.




  • Develop a long term perspective
  • Prioritize self care
  • Find an accountability partner


LIE #2: My family will be fine.


Strained relationship with spouse or partner

  • Feel like you are married to the school
  • Do my actions align with what I say is important to me?
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Double loss. Marital issues cause increased stress at work


Impact on children

  • My daughters: “Dad, when do we get to see you instead of the back of your laptop?”
  • Self esteem: How much do I value my children?
  • Impact on social, emotional, academic lives in and out of school


Loss of support

  • Come home and vent
  • What if your spouse or partner doesn’t want to hear it anymore?
  • Your biggest ally and biggest support system. You neglect them, what do you expect?



  • Setting boundaries between work and home (episode 8 Overcome Burnout With Boundaries
  • Prioritize family time (Device free dinner, attending important events, listening)
  • Perspective: you can get another job, house, car



LIE #3: I can outwork any problem.



  • Constantly working to overcome problems without regard for personal well-being can lead to burnout. 
  • Over time, this can result in physical and emotional exhaustion, reduced job satisfaction, and decreased effectiveness as a leader.


Negative Impact on School Culture

  • An overworked leader may set a negative example for the school community by normalizing excessive work hours. 
  • This can lead to a culture of burnout and overwork among staff and faculty.


Inefficient Use of Resources

  • Relying solely on hard work to overcome problems may lead to inefficient resource allocation. 
  • Lack of delegation
  • A leader may put excessive effort into areas that could be addressed more effectively with strategic planning, collaboration, or resource optimization.
  • Use your team, your admin assistant


Increased Stress and Anxiety

  • Constantly trying to outwork problems can lead to chronic stress and anxiety. 
  • This can have detrimental effects on mental and physical health, as well as job performance.




  • Episode 8 (Overcoming Burnout)
  • Involve others (ANYONE)
  • Think about where this is headed


LIE #4: I guess this is just how it is.


Feelings of hopelessness

  • Can lead to anxiety and depression



  • This mindset can lead to a sense of complacency and stagnation. 
  • The leader may become resigned to the status quo and fail to seek improvements in school operations, teaching methods, or overall performance.


Reduced Motivation

  • Believing that nothing will change can diminish the leader's motivation and enthusiasm.
  • This can impact their ability to inspire and motivate the school's staff and students.



  • Maximize your productivity (Episode 7)
  • Focus on your school 1 year in the future



Big Takeaways:



  • The 4 Biggest Lies That Private School Leaders Believe


  • I’ll be fine.
  • My family will be fine.
  • I can outwork any problem.
  • I guess this is just how it is.

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