Episode 72: The 5 Ways That Social Media Is Making You A Less Effective Leader

Episode 72 Show Notes


Big Takeaways


The 5 Ways That Social Media Is Making You A Less Effective Leader


1 More Distractions

  • Turn off all social media notifications at work
  • Set limits on time on social media
  • Get news other ways
  • Be aware of the algorithm


2 Less Sleep

  • Screen Time Before Bed
  • Information Overload and Stress
  • Rumination and Mental Activation



  • Set a specific time to stop
  • Charge phone out of reach


3 Comparison is the thief of joy

  • Reality vs. Curated reality (Vacation, restaurants, concerts, Starbucks run, kids all doing something cute and fun/museum)
  • The constant exposure to the achievements of others on social media can lead to burnout or feelings of inadequacy. (Imposter Syndrome)



  • Awareness
  • Set limits
  • Start a gratitude practice


4 Communication Pitfalls


  • Responding too quickly
  • Avoid engaging in public disputes or arguments on social media
  • Avoid oversharing
  • Ignoring Stakeholder Sensitivities



  • Use wisdom
  • Take time to respond
  • Would I say this to their face?


5 Boundaries Dilemma

  • Do you follow parents?
  • What about the ones that are parents of your kid’s friends
  • Do you follow students?
  • Do you follow direct reports?
  • Do you follow colleagues?
  • Do you like everything that they post?



  • Clearly define personal and professional boundaries on social media
  • Separate Personal and Professional Profiles
  • Set Boundaries for Communication
  • Monitor and Adjust Privacy Settings


Call to Action


  • Set aside 15 minutes this week.
  • Reflect on how you are using social media 
  • Is there anything that I need to change? (Amount of time, notifications, bedtime, type of engagement?)


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