Episode 63: The Top 10 Leadership Nuggets of 2023

Episode 63 Show Notes


The Top 10 Leadership Nuggets Of 2023


Nugget #10 When meeting with parents, paint a climactic scene that can only be realized when their child graduates from your school.

Nugget #9 Create a positive comments Googledoc

Nugget #8 Have a conversation

Nugget #8 Do the things other parents do


Nugget #6 Starting a gratitude practice can make you a happier and more effective leader

Nugget #5 These 3 little words will change the way that you lead (First of all)

Nugget #4 Make sure that your teachers fill the narrative void before your parents do

Nugget #3 5% of your parents are trying to destroy your school and you have to handle them differently

Nugget #2 Your biggest piece of leadership Kryptonite is letting your integrity slip

Nugget #1Every action that you take is a vote for the person you wish to become.” James Clear


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