Episode 48: You Can Overcome The “Hustle Culture” If You Stop Doing These 6 Things

Episode 48 Show Notes


What is “hustle culture”?

Hustle culture describes a common, modern workplace environment that emphasizes hard work and long hours as the key to success. It's become increasingly popular recently, with many companies encouraging their employees to put in extra effort and work hours for better results. Talkspace blog post


Hustle culture, also known as burnout culture, centers around the idea that working long hours and sacrificing self-care are required in order to succeed. The promise is that if you give work all of your attention, you can achieve anything and everything. (Better up blog post)


Why is hustle culture so toxic?

Some people do achieve a form of happiness from their efforts. But more often, the American dream plus hustle culture creates a toxic cycle. It tells us that even as we work harder and harder, we can always have more, do more, and be more. This means that the goalposts will keep moving no matter how much we achieve. (better Up blog)

How does hustle culture negatively impact your mental health?



  • When you take a day off
  • How many days of PTO go unused?
  • Feel guilty or LAZY when you are doing nothing? HAMMOCK



  • Recent Gallup poll: 44% of employees experienced anxiety, anger, and/or sadness a lot during the previous day, pressure to perform
  • “God on a good day”
  • stigma attached to mental health for leaders)


Toxic positivity

  • hustle culture doesn’t allow time for negative emotions
  • research shows that accepting negative emotions is a key component of good mental health
  • we have to be the most positive person at our school



  • Hustle culture comes full circle with apathy. 
  • This is because when people are encouraged to suppress their feelings, maintain long work hours, and never take time off, burnout will lead them to stop caring.
  • Apathy, disengagement, “quite quitting”, burnout THAT’S WHERE THE HUSTLE CULTURE LEADS


You Can Overcome The “Hustle Culture” If You Stop Doing These 6 Things


  • 1 Stop believing the lie
  • 2 Stop Wearing Busyness As A badge of honor
  • 3 Stop letting the school flow like water
  • 4 Stop treating rest like laziness
  • 5 Stop putting yourself last 
  • 6 Stop doing everything yourself


1) Stop believing the lie

  • Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have made it easy for influencers and celebrities to share images of themselves working late into the night, glorifying and perpetuating a dangerous mindset among younger generations who look up to them for inspiration.
  • Hustle culture is a LIE.
  • You are NEVER going to get it all done or have it all together
  • Work is NOT more important than your physical and mental health


2) Stop Wearing Busyness As A badge of honor

  • Lunch at 4PM
  • Up until midnight
  • Pride, arrogance
  • Playing with fire
  • Prioritize your own self care


3) Stop letting the school flow like water

  • Water goes wherever it wants
  • 25,000 gallons of water in your backyard
  • Boundaries; where? (bed, dinner table), when? (during dinner), how long?


4) Stop treating rest like laziness

  • Objectively, you know that rest is good for you
  • What do we tell ourselves?
  • Hammock


5) Stop putting yourself last

  • Oxygen mask
  • No one is coming to save you
  • You have to decide to move yourself up on this list


6) Stop doing everything yourself

  • Ask for help
  • Are you the reason that you don’t delegate more effectively? 
  • Talk to someone


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